Hereford and South Herefordshire Labour Party is made up of ordinary people gathering to discuss local issues, to canvass, campaign and raise vital funds to ensure our continued work in the community.  

Our members elect a team of officers to the Executive Committee to manage the direction of the local party. These members are all volunteers who give up their time to improving South Herefordshire and the lives of its residents.

Janice Hurne  

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1999 and before moving to Herefordshire was an active member of the Labour Party in Bournemouth, taking on several different Executive Committee roles as well as increasing the Labour vote as Parliamentary Candidate for New Forest West constituency in 2005 and 2010. I was elected as a Bournemouth Borough Councillor for a north Bournemouth ward which included community involvement as a School Governor of both a primary and secondary school, as well as supporting the Sure Start Family Centre and development of the Area Forum. 

My early professional life included two years teaching Maths in a North London comprehensive school and ten years as a computer programmer/analyst in the civil service. I then moved into Higher Education teaching and spent twenty-two years as a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems Design and Management, and Manager of Learning and Teaching for the School of Design, Engineering and Computing at Bournemouth University. 

In 2012, on retirement, I moved to Ross-on-Wye, having had family connections with Herefordshire for many years.  I have a daughter and three-year-old granddaughter. My personal interests are enjoyment of the natural world, caring for the environment, as a member of a co-counselling community, and creative arts and crafts.   

The Labour Party in Herefordshire can grasp this opportunity to build a strong Labour vote in Hereford and South Herefordshire. We are in this for the long term, and have a development plan and vision that is positive and exciting. We can show people that local politics can be rewarding and that together we can build a fairer and more equal society in Herefordshire.  

Get in touch with Janice: chair@herefordshirelabour.com 

Anna Coda  
Vice Chair – Campaigns

I joined the party as a student in 1975 in Leicester and moved to Hereford at the end of 1979.  Experiencing the, then, marginal seat of Leicester South in a Labour dominated city allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience to start my campaigning in South Herefordshire.  

I held various branch and constituency positions during the 1980s and 1990s and was constituency chair from 2012 to 2018, during which time I had to reform the party with help from other members. I contested District Council elections on several occasions in the 1980s, Herefordshire County elections in 2011 and 2017 and was the General Election candidate in 2015 and 2017.  

My main political concerns are the changes in the NHS, housing and rising inequality since the 1980s. My political influences as I grew up were the civil rights movement in the US and the Vietnam war.  

Get in touch with Anna: vicechair@herefordshirelabour.com. 

Gemma Dean  
Trade Union Liaison Officer

I currently work for Wye Valley NHS Trust and as Branch Secretary for UNISON’s Herefordshire Health branch. I am a Hereford girl and most of my family live between Herefordshire and Swansea. I moved away for university and job roles and have lived in a number of places throughout the UK before returning to our county in 2012.  

I have a background in public service law and regulation, having worked at a number of councils and civil service departments. I am currently studying my Masters in Industrial Relations and Employment Law at Keele University.  

I am passionate about trade unionism and have been on countless demonstrations over the past few years to challenge Tory austerity. I am unashamed in my fight to defend our public services from the Tory cuts and believe that we need a stronger challenge locally to ensure that we make Herefordshire a county of opportunity for the many and not the few.  

My role in Hereford and South Herefordshire Labour Party is to engage with new members and encourage current members to take an active role in creating a stronger and bigger local party so that we are able to sufficiently challenge the Conservative Party in South Herefordshire

Amanda Lawrence  
Diversity Officer 

Diversity Officer is a role that is of great interest to me as I am very concerned about Human Rights issues. I’m active in my local Amnesty International group, speaking to schools and organising events and monthly groups. I am also a State Co-ordinator for Human Writes, enabling penfriendships with prisoners on “death row”. I work full-time with people with mental health challenges and learning disabilities, belong to a faith group and have some voluntary work locally. I came to Hereford five years ago and settled in a little flat in Hunderton with my pets and garden (which I tend with much enthusiasm and enjoyment but rather less skill)! 

I re-joined the Labour Party the day after Jeremy Corbyn was elected. I am excited to belong to a party which offers real social change, a workable, feasible radical manifesto and an ethical foreign policy. Our world is unstable and we have stark choices – compassion, justice, and cohesion, or a bitter conflict between the haves and have-nots, where the odds to the latter are unfavourable and the winner will take all. 

I would be very glad to hear from any member who has an interest in LGBT issues or would like to be further involved in activities around this. Services in Hereford are sparse and suggestions for how the party could work for improvements would be welcome. 

Get in touch with Amanda: diversity@herefordshirelabour.com. 

 Muriel Smith  
Women’s Officer 

I am 76 years old and have lived in Hereford for 33 years. I am a retired catering manager. 

I have been a Labour Party member for several years, and in the last two years have become an active member of the Hereford City Labour Party branch, and its founder treasurer. I am also the women’s officer for our Constituency Labour Party. 

I am a supporter of the party’s national leadership and the party’s current manifesto. 

I am honoured to have been chosen as the CLP delegate to conference in Liverpool in September, 2018. 

I am lucky to be still active and enjoy organising some local Labour Party events. 

Get in touch with Muriel: women@herefordshirelabour.com. 

Scott Morris  
Communities Officer 

Get in touch with Scott: communities@herefordshirelabour.com. 

Des Woods  
Fundraising Officer 

Originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to Gloucestershire in 1997 and then to Hereford in 2010 when I married my wife Christine. I have had an active membership and involvement within the Labour Party since 2015.  

I have been involved in General Election campaigns both in our county and in Stroud, including the most recent 2017 General Election. I was also active during the Referendum that decided Britain’s exit from the European Union. I campaigned on the Remain side, yet could understand people’s concerns and frustrations on the Leave side of the party membership. I have always supported other members during their campaigns for local by-elections, including acting as agent.  

I stood as a candidate in April 2018 for Parish Council (Bobblestock), the first member to do so this century.  

I know politics can be hard work but I firmly believe it is also fun.  

Get in touch with Des: fundrasing@herefordshirelabour.com. 

For press and general enquiries get in touch with:  admin@herefordshirelabour.com.