Hereford and South Herefordshire Labour Party is made up of ordinary people gathering to discuss local issues, to canvass, campaign and raise vital funds to ensure our continued work in the community.  

Our members elect a team of officers to the Executive Committee to manage the direction of the local party. These members are all volunteers who give up their time to improving South Herefordshire and the lives of its residents.

Anna Coda  

I joined the party as a student in 1975 in Leicester and moved to Hereford at the end of 1979.  Experiencing the, then, marginal seat of Leicester South in a Labour dominated city allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience to start my campaigning in South Herefordshire.  

I held various branch and constituency positions during the 1980s and 1990s and was constituency chair from 2012 to 2018, during which time I had to reform the party with help from other members. I contested District Council elections on several occasions in the 1980s, Herefordshire County elections in 2011 and 2017 and was the General Election candidate in 2015 and 2017.  

My main political concerns are the changes in the NHS, housing and rising inequality since the 1980s. My political influences as I grew up were the civil rights movement in the US and the Vietnam war.  

Get in touch with Anna: chair@herefordshirelabour.com. 

Mike Smith
Vice Chair (Membership)

Born in a mining village in Staffordshire to a Labour Dad and a Tory Mum, he grew up under what he considers the best British government ever, that of the 1945 Labour government under Clement Attlee.

He was educated at state schools and has degrees in psychology and IT. He served in the military for twelve years, was a teacher for seven years and headteacher for seventeen years. After teaching he worked for twelve years as a film extra and appeared, briefly, in many TV series and films. During his time in the military he served in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsular and North Africa and the Mediterranean area.

He is happily married to Muriel, who serves on the CLP EC Committee as Women’s Officer.

He is a life-long socialist and a confirmed supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Laura Pidcock in particular, and of the Labour front bench as a whole.

Neil Smith

For over 40 years I worked in the Civil Service, mostly in HMCE/HMRC as a Customs Officer searching holiday makers returning to the UK and as a VAT inspector.
In 2016, on retirement, I moved from Letchworth Garden City to Monmouth, before eventually buying a house in Kilpeck. I have two daughters and two grandchildren.
My personal interests are gardening and playing Bridge.

 Muriel Smith
Women’s Officer 

I am 76 years old and have lived in Hereford for 33 years. I am a retired catering manager. 

I have been a Labour Party member for several years, and in the last two years have become an active member of the Hereford City Labour Party branch, and its founder treasurer. I am also the women’s officer for our Constituency Labour Party. 

I am a supporter of the party’s national leadership and the party’s current manifesto. 

I am honoured to have been chosen as the CLP delegate to conference in Liverpool in September, 2018. 

I am lucky to be still active and enjoy organising some local Labour Party events. 

Get in touch with Muriel: women@herefordshirelabour.com. 

Mark Hearne
Minute Secretary

After 34 years working in the public sector I took early retirement and relocated to Herefordshire with my partner Marcia in 2014. I original herald from neighbouring Gloucestershire and it was good to be back in this part of the world.

I joined the Labour Party some 18 months ago in response to devastating Tory austerity and the attack on public sector. I also felt anger towards the creeping privatisation of our cherished NHS. I firmly believe that only a Labour Government can protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Marian Livingston
Campaign Coordinator

Marian was Labour councillor in Reading from 2010 until May 2018. Posts held during that time: Lead Councillor Culture and Sport, Chair Planning, Vice chair licensing, Group Whip, Mayor 2012/13, CLP vice chair and Regional board representative.

A lifelong supporter of equality, inclusion and fairness in society, Marian is a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. She is a widow, having been married for 35 years her late husband Matthew they have two children, Michelle and Wulf, and 5 grandchildren.

Satish Barot
olitical Education Officer

I have been involved in Labour Party via affiliated organisations or movements since I was in my 20s, but joined the party about a year ago.

My working background is in the NHS and I worked in the south west, where I was a NUPE steward, later working briefly in Herefordshire and went on to work in South Wales in early 90s.

I was in nursing, working with learning disability mental health services, and was involved in other aspects of service, commissioning services and training and education being among others.

I see this role as a collaborative one, where there is collective involvement of all members in determining and developing what the Hereford membership may want / need in furthering broadly the Labour agenda, both locally and nationally by collaborative efforts of all, including broader issues of national and international relevance that ultimately impinge on all of us.

Paul Sockett

Contact Paul.

Adam Spencer
Membership Secretary

(pending approval of General Meeting).

For press and general enquiries get in touch with:  admin@herefordshirelabour.com.