Hereford City Branch

Carol Swart  
Hereford City Branch Secretary 

I joined the Labour Party in 1970 and have been a member ever since. I am a retired teacher with two grown-up sons and two grandchildren. I’ve lived in Hereford for 33 years. I love to go dancing with my husband and practice T’ai Chi. 

I was brought up in a working-class family in the North of England, and although my life is very different now, I still remember life as it was; I want to help to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 

I am a socialist and have campaigned on many issues over the years. In the 70s, I campaigned for child care provision: for after school centres and nurseries that could be accessed by everyone, as in those days there was only provision for those who could pay for it. I campaigned vigorously against the National Front and was even unjustly ‘kettled’ by the police whilst on an anti-fascist march. I have worked to enable women to achieve equal rights but there is still more to do! I believe that everyone should have equal opportunity and believe that the Labour Party is the only political party that can bring that about. 

I have been re-energised in the last two years by a national manifesto that puts the needs of the many before the few. I believe that if we can get that message out to people we can get Jeremy Corbyn elected next time and improve the lives of all.  

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